Frequently Asked Questions

Niima™ is the only daily supplement designed to sharpen focus, minimize athletics-induced stress, provide immune support, and boost energy naturally.

We believe the nutrition supplement industry has failed us. They are constantly moving from one trend to the next, stacking up a long list of “must-have” supplements that are marketed to supposedly help buyers achieve some sort of ideal physique. The number of pills being peddled has risen to confusing proportions. Many of our friends and family have been so overwhelmed by the nutrition supplement aisle that they have eventually given up, concluding that wellness is too complex or expensive to maintain. Our purpose is to make daily nutrition simple to understand and easy to take every day. We want to help our friends sharpen mental focus, boost energy naturally, and assist recovery... all with a single capsule. Niima™ provides real benefits from food-based ingredients.

Nutrition supplements are just that: supplemental. Like any nutrition supplement, it’s best to take Niima in conjunction with a well-balanced, healthy diet. If you don’t know what that is: do some research. Niima isn’t designed to replace the benefits that come from nutrition-rich food, it’s designed to complement and enhance the vitamins, minerals and adaptogens found in good whole foods. Furthermore, Niima is designed to be easy to take – and it doesn’t get much simpler than a single capsule.

Niima originally began as just the working title for the brand and was simply derived from the last four letters of the word “vitamin” when spelled backwards (n-i-m-a). During the research and development of our first product, we ended up calling it Niima so frequently, that the name eventually evolved from placeholder to the name of the company. If you want a more inspiring version of that story, Niima (or Nima) is a Tibetan name which means "the sun". Just as the sun provides life-sustaining energy to the planet, Niima provides nutritional energy and other wellness products to humans who are looking to perform their absolute best.

Most humans obviously share similar nutritional needs, but action sports require significantly different nutritional supplementation than many other activities- and Niima has developed a formula specifically for these needs. For example, the physical stressors of a skateboarder slamming on concrete all day while trying to land a big trick is much different than that of competitive swimming, or the focus required to compete in a big mountain ski contest is different than the performance needs for running... Just different enough that we want to improve upon things specifically for these sports, because that's what we're into. But with all that being said, obviously anybody can benefit from the ingredients in Niima. We are simply here to help riders who otherwise might overlook the benefits of nutrition and wellness products.

Niima Daily Formula is largely considered vegan, and is even encapsulated in a veggie capsule. The only ingredient in that the vegan community is divided on is bee pollen. Bee pollen is a combination of flower pollen, nectar and the digestive juices of worker honey bees. Pollen is loaded with all sorts of exclusive natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that can be missing from a vegan diet. For a full list of ingredients, visit this page.

The majority of the ingredients in Niima have a cumulative effect, meaning it can take some time to notice distinct benefits, and results can vary for each person. Many factors contribute to the efficacy of any nutrition supplement including your current diet, physical condition and makeup. Most athletes can notice improvements in their overall well-being and performance after 2 to 3 weeks of consistent use.

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